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Southern Lawn Care Schedule. Follow this lawn care calendar and you can have a beautiful looking lawn all year round. Unhealthy amounts of thatch prevent water and nutrients from reaching roots.

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In areas that experience an annual hard frost, lawns will go dormant afterward. Southern states has a complete line of professional grade fertilizer and weed control products. By breaking that workload down into a lawn treatment schedule it becomes much less intimidating.

Your Local Southern States Store Will Gladly Help You Select The Right Products To Keep Your Lawn Green.

1 weed problem of southern lawns. Unhealthy amounts of thatch prevent water and nutrients from reaching roots. If you live in the south and southwest, you are most likely dealing with a warm season lawn.

They Go Dormant Over Winter, Return To Active Growth In Spring, And Peak In Dry, Hot Summer Weather.

Scotts lawn care program schedule can be broken down into 4 activities: It will continuously feed your lawn until time for a spring feeding. The grass will dry out faster and can turn brown.

States With Warm Season Lawns Include:

4 photos of the scotts lawn care schedule for southern lawns related posts of scotts lawn care schedule for southern lawns miscrosoft works calendar. Looking for more from your lawn care products? Some planning gadgets will take time.

Once Around Labor Day And A Second Time Six To Eight Weeks Later.

Fall lawn care plan 1. Start feeding as it warms up in late april or early may. Mowing with dull blades will shred leaf blades, extend the recovery period of the grass, and lower the aesthetic quality of the lawn.

Give Grass A Head Start On Strong Root Growth By Using Scotts® Turf Builder® Winterguard® Fall Lawn Food Twice In Fall:

So let’s go ahead and learn more about seasonal grass maintenance. Southern lawns is a lawn care team who cares about you, your lawn, and your specific needs. With soil still warm from the summer, cool evening temperatures, and mild daytime temperatures, cool.

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